Maurice Ently

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Su Doku

One of my all time favourite people introduced me to something called Su Doku recently. I gather it is sweeping the nation (well the nurds of the nation) by storm. For those of you that don't know it is a number puzzle whereby you must input a number between 1-9 (and in some cases letters A-F) in each row horizontally, verticaly AND in each box.

I wasn't sure i'd like Su Doku when first introduced to it, not least because some loser at work who scratches his balls and sniffs his fingers is a Su Doku fan, but because i've always been right hemisphere dominant (if that is the side that isn't great with numbers) BUT I have always loved a challenge and am supremo competative, so it could have gone either way. As it turns out, I love Su Dokuing and am pretty great at it. Without any help from anyone else I recently completed the most difficult one EVER set and won a palm top as a result of getting it all right.

In short - Su Doku is a fun and addictive pastime for all. I'm BRILLIANT at it.
You will find one in most newspapers these days. I recommend The Independent.

ps: does anyone else feel physically sick when they see/hear either robbie OR robin williams?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Who really cares?

I went to visit some relations in Ireland recently, one of whom I have known 'of' but never had any kind of relationship 'with' - a first cousin. This cousin of mine 'blogs' and it is through blogging that I came to know him a little better. The plan was that I stay with my Aunt and Uncle, an aunt and uncle who know that I don't know this cousin. It came as a surprise to them when he rang to see if I had arrived.

On arriving at Dublin airport my Aunt said:

"Frank rang to let you know he'll be in The Clermont tonight if you want to join them"

I could tell by the way she said it that she was itching to know exaclty how this came about. I felt the need to explain.

"Oh" says I
"Yeah frank and I have been in touch over the blogs"

(not thinking for one moment that this would mean ANYTHING to her)

"What's a blog" she asked (the first of about 10 times I was asked throughout my 4 day stay)

I found myself saying the following:

"it's kinda like an online diary....only not really, in that it's not private and it's not really common to type your innermost thoughts. I suppose it's more like an opportunity to write down your opinions on certain issues and gather responses from other people"

"What??? why would anyone be interested in that" she said

I went on:

"well (now clutching at straws) for example, with friends and family living in other countries it's a nice way to keep up with each other and maybe understand one another a little better."

I carried on (I shouldn't have)

"Like the other day i put a picture of a mango on my blog and said that i like peeling ripe mangos" (Even as I say it I think I sound mentally ill.....I'm assuming she does too)

*Laughter* (AT me)

"Why would ANYONE want to know that?"

I had no answer to that. The truth is they probably don't.

No matter how much I tried to explain the joys of blogging they (now uncle and cousins too) weren't really buying it. I think it's now generally agreed that they think i'm a bit odd and a bit egotistical....but then I guess I am so what's the harm.

It did get me thinking though about what a funny pursuit it is. Maybe not in Franks case but in does seem a little pointless. BUT, though i've been away for a while, I do enjoy i guess that's the point!
Whether anyone else does is another question.