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Friday, February 25, 2005

Opinions Please

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Ricky gervais: Comedy Genius or irritating petulant child?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

More Than This?

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I decided tonight, with a deadline looming, that it was about time I ordered the textbook I need for my course. I always feel like I have to buy more than one thing when I am on Amazon otherwise I will have to pay two delivery charges. Having (again) recently watched ‘lost in translation’ I wanted to buy the song 'more than this' that bob sings to charley in the karaoke scene. I had no idea who sang this. As it turns out it is by Roxy Music (I’m sure those of you older than me would have known that) so I bought this album. Well it is cheap - wonder why. also bought 'Kingpin' and 'Groundhog day’ as I was having a Bill Murray moment.
So, as usual, I found something to do other than work.
I will now mark books. I hate marking. Ask any teacher, it is the worst part of the job, never mind that bollocks about kids being a nightmare these days, try sifting through the shit they write every 7 months!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Will the real Jennifer Rush please stand up.....

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.....actually, don't bother love, no one knows who you are anyway.

Not since Michael Jackson has anyone managed to look like three completley different people in as many decades. OK in Jackos case he may well be made up of three different people.

And another thing - Just because it is line that deserves to be repeated and committed to print, Talking head, David quantick said of Whitney Housten that she holds a note like Michael Jackson holds a baby.
make of that what you will, I found it very funny.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Richard - A Valentines Tribute

My husband isn’t perfect (Sorry to break that to you all) but here are some nice things about him:

He smiled at me, leaned over and touched my hand when I had a face like thunder and was in a rotten mood yesterday

I think he is capable of doing anything he wants to do

He will be prime minister one day

I would choose him above anyone else as my ‘phone a friend’

He does a duck thing with his hands

He gets enjoyment from buying DVDs and cd's - I like that we can share this pleasure

He doesn't suffer fools

He is extremely principled

He does the dishes

He has a nice voice and wide vocabulary

He looks cute still in bed when i leave for work in the morning

He hugs me

He knows I don’t like purdeys, fish and raw tomatoes and can make me tea like I like it

He only sees the post 16 yr old me and doesn’t buy into the bullshit my family sometimes purport about my rebellious teenage yrs

He won’t shop at kwik save

He is compassionate

He sticks his tongue out whenever he is concentrating

He is endlessly patient with my dad who talks a lot and is a bit mad

He reads lots of books quickly

Though he is cleverer than everyone around him, he has no time for people who feel the need to show off their intelligence

He brought Tivo and wireless LAN into my life

Friday, February 11, 2005


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I love a good love story. I am such a romantic, but it does the image I have attempted to purvey no good! I think I am seen by many, including my pupils, as a bit ascerbic, and I’m happy with this image, in fact it is one I have cultivated, BUT it’s not real, I’m ridiculously soft natured and a hopeless romantic. I felt it apt to post this blog in the run up to Valentines Day. Today I found myself describing ‘Gladiator’ as a love story, then when questioned about my reasons for this I found myself saying that, I fact, all films are love stories!!! Of course that’s not true, but many are, and certainly many of my favourites are. So the following is my tribute to all time best luuuurrvve films. Dedicated to all those in love. Whether the path of true love runs smoothly or not, don’t give up on it because, while it’s not ALL you need, it’s pretty fucking special:

In no particular order:

a) Lost in Translation
b) When Harry Met Sally
c) Shrek
d) Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
e) Gladiator
f) Betty Blue
g) L’Apartament
h) Love story
i) Annie hall
j) American beauty
k) The office (Dawn and Tim – ok not a film but I love it)
l) West side story

OK now songs – because I’ve got carried away.

Again in no particular order:

a) God only knows (Beach Boys)
b) Haunted (Shane Mcgowan/Sinead O’Cconnor)
c) Into my arms (Nick Cave)
d) Halo (The Cure)
e) What it’s like to be beautiful (Lena Fiagbe)
f) Bedshaped (keane)
g) I threw it all away (Dylan)
h) No more shall we part (Nick Cave)
i) (Are you) the one I’ve been waiting for (nick cave)
j) How soon is now (The Smiths)
k) I know it’s gonna happen someday (Morrissey)
l) Still (Macy Gray)

Some things:
I see Charlie and Camilla for the love story that it is. I’m not interested in hearing the ‘threat to the monarchy’ bollocks – they love each other and have done for decades, now they can finally declare their love publicly – something they should have done a LONG time ago!!!!!

When I was about 13 I had a real crush on my brothers mate Lee Milner and I rang heart 106.2 “cuddle on the couch” and dedicated a love song to him – it may well have been ‘Heart – Alone’ though it pains me to say it.

“So if you find someone that gives you all of her love,
take it to your heart, don’t let it stray.
For one thing that’s certain,
You will surely be hurtin,
If you throw it all away” (Dylan 1969)

Happy valentines day. LOVE to all and to all a good night